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Gravel and Topsoil Hauling
Central Paving Company specializes in hauling topsoil, sand, gravel and asphalt for general construction contractors, real estate developers, public works projects, and commercial customers. With a large fleet of dump trucks, we can handle any big project. Our trucks can haul up to 22 tons. Central Paving Company is widely recognized in the local business community as providers of quality, dependable, and safe services.
Seal Coating
Seal coating is a great way to preserve the driveway and make it last longer. Choosing to seal coat your driveway too soon might be an impetus of its destruction. We recommend seal coating a driveway 3-12 months after it has been paved, and to reseal every 2-3 years thereafter. Blacktops are naturally permeable to allow water to escape into the ground, which prevents accidents from happening because of the excess puddles or flooding. However, the very same feature of blacktops is its strength, as well as its weakness. Its porous nature can lead to its decay as well. Grease, antifreeze, oil, road salt and other liquid materials can permeate your driveway and cause it to crack and seperate. Applying sealants at the right time and on a consistent basis will help to preserve your driveway.
We complete all forms of concrete paving—from sidewalks and driveways to commercial parking lots. 
Excavating andGrading
Our knowledgeable and experienced project managers provide our clients with projects completed on time and of the highest quality. During our 50-year history, we have grown our first-rate fleet of heavy equipments. Our modern maintenance facility operates five days a week in order to minimize downtime. Our well-trained and dedicated workforce ensures the utmost level of productivity for all jobs, large and small. Whatever your earthwork needs, trust Central Paving Company and see the quality in your project. 
At times, the area of construction is unsuitable and requires an undercut, or the engineer's plans call for geotextile fabric to be installed between the subgrade and the installation of the stone.
Top soil hauling
Excavating and Grading
Foundation Laying
Whether it's a fine lawn for a keen gardener or a large playing field for a local council, Central Paving Company recognizes the importance of quality seeding. To ensure the best results, we carefully prepare the land before seeding. Central Paving Company offers many qualities of seeding, depending on the application, from everyday amenity-use to fine bowling green standard. Sour seeding can be carried out in season on anything from small, domestic gardens to large public open spaces. Our seed mix can be tailored to take account of soil type. For those with conservation in mind, it is even possible to order special wild flower mixes.
Central Paving Company  is also asked to demolish buildings in order to prepare a piece of property for new construction, or to remove a dilapidated house or buildings to beautify an area for environmental cleanup or safety for the entire neighborhood.
Tree Grinding 
Central Paving Company helps the environment in this day and age by grinding trees as they clear property for our customers with our Hogzilla tub grinder.  This helps to stay in compliance with local and state policies in regards to a "No Burn Law", and producing an additional product in the form of mulch which we sell.
Vortex Box
Commercial properties are now requiring the installation of the vortex box to improve the volume of water runoff.  Central Paving Company ​is experienced to install them with all the necessary equipment.

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